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Click for RSAM Introduction video
Click for RSAM Introduction video

RSAM structures are simpler, more complete, safer, less expensive "hard" shelter alternatives to equally sized & equipped "soft" tents.

AND RSAM kits include helical steel anchors for protection against violent weather -

a feature NO tent can equal!

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RSAM structures provide SOLID secure protection for people and/or property during disaster events or other temporary requirements.  The structures can be assembled without electricity using only the simple, included hand tools by people with NO training!  They are a better SAFER alternative to tents or other inferior "soft wall" enclosures.  The RSAM structures are an easier, quicker, more economical, superior alternative for all "hard wall" storage/shelter systems. RSAM provides security, safety and comfort for people when resources are scarce or absent.  Complete with tools, ladder, and easy-to-follow, picture-based instructions, RSAM kits rapidly bolt pre-cut, pre-drilled 15/32" plywood into solid walls, doors, windows, floors and ceilings, RSAM provides dry and comfortable shelter, and the doors and windows can be locked for protection in hostile environments.  RSAM protects lives, saves lives, and improves lives in any environment whenever temporary, safe SOLID space is required. 

Pictured below is our flagship HKM081208-001 8' X 12' structure with its 8' high walls.  It easily sleeps 5 to 6 adults.  It has 2 large tabletops and 4 shelves that fold against the walls when not needed.  The solid, sturdy construciton allows hammocks to be mounted so infants and small children can sleep off of the floor. 

Typical 8X12X8 RSAM Structure Kit
Click here for RSAM Disease Outbreak Response video
Click here for RSAM Disease Outbreak Response video

Click here for RSAM Basic Disaster Response Video

CES Water System Video

And when the need for temporary structures has passed, RSAM materials can be easily disassembled, repacked and reused - OR - the common building materials can be absorbed into the construction effort (the 4X8 plywood sheets are usable as sheathing on 16" on-center stud construction, the PVC pipe used in plumbing), the poly rope and plastic can be recycled, and the RSAM modules can be reused or donated.  The money invested in RSAM is NOT wasted! 

RSAM Introduction PDF download - click here!

CVIE PDF brochure - click here

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